제목 I opened the ADglobal homepage.
작성일자 2020-06-27
AdGlobal is a major business in exporting and distributing Korean cosmetics overseas from 2020.
As an overseas distribution company specializing in cosmetics, the main product is cosmetics and treatment.
Under the theme, cosmetics of Cosmetical products are exported, supplied, and distributed intensively.
(Three brands with rights to sell in Asia)
What is Cosmetical?
a compound word born by adding cosmetics and medicine, and recently
Cosmetics that contain medicinal ingredients are also called hospital cosmetics and pharmacy cosmetics.
Currently, the base of skin care is more important than the technique of makeup in the world.
Good skin is rich in make-up and the most important element in the __expression__ of beauty.
The consumption and market of Cosmetical products is expanding.
In line with this, AdGlobal to the Asian market is a major Korean Cosmetical brand product.
Our goal is to supply it in a stable and reliable manner.

Please show a lot of interest and love in the future.